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Frequently asked questions of #1 DVD Ripper
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Q1: Audio Video out of Synth
Please make sure you are running the latest version of #1 DVD Ripper which fixes this problem.

Q2: Can not rip protected DVD,why?
Please download original version to rip protected DVD. SE verison does not rip protected DVD.

Q3: Force 24hz error
Sometimes, #1 dvd audio ripper will prompt a error window saying something like force 24hz error. This error may be caused by audio dvd disc. Currently only video disc is supported and audio disc is not .

Q4: Which is the best output format?

The DVD copied and compressed by DivX is of high quality and only takes up 1/10 original DVD space. To choose output DivX format, you need to install the DivX Codec. Please follow the instructions.

1. Launch #1 DVD Ripper.
2. Set the output format as AVI (DivX, Xvid...) from the drop list of "format".
3 . Set the AVI video codec as "DivX" (Settings >> output>> Video Codec >> DivX).

Q5: I noticed blockiness and pixerlization in the AVI output video, What's wrong with it?

It is usually solved by heightening the bitrate. Regardless of all other settings, the hightening the bitrate will result in higher quality output. You can change the selected codec's bitrate by clicking on the "Setup 1st pass" button on the output setting window.

Q6: #1 DVD Ripper takes over 6 hours to rip a simple movie. Am I doing something wrong?

If you want it faster, please rip DVD with DivX codec , and set a lower resolution, such as 352*288.

Q7: How to do 2-pass encoding?

Go to output tag in settings dialog. Check "Enable 2-pass encoding", click "setup 1st pass" and select 1st pass as "Multipass 1st pass". Click "Setup 2nd Pass" and select 2nd pass as "Multipass Nth Pass" in the configuration window of DivX codec. 2-pass encoding takes double time to encode compare to 1 pass mode but result in best video quality.

Q8: Can #1 DVD Ripper rip CSS encryption protected DVD?

This program is intended for use in countries where DVD Copying is legal. Please take the time to find out if it is legal in your residence. We are not liable and can not be hold responsible for your actions. We are not responsible for any direct or indirect loss to the end user by using this program.

If it's illegal in your country to copy protected DVD for personal usage, please download #1 DVD Ripper SE (Standard Edition), which does not support ripping protected DVD movies. Otherwise please download the General Version.

Q9: The output image is too high or too low.

You can select output resolution as "user define" in settings dialog, set resolution "720" plus "400", and then select aspect ratio as "crop(remove black bar)" mode. Enter a proper height or click the Increase/Decrease button to adjust the height if the aspect ratio of output picture is not right.



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